Sweet Pepper Corn Bread 3(B)

This recipe is a good, tasteful, and fun different way of making cornbread. It has a combination of tasteful sweet peppers and fresh corn that will leave your mouth wanting more. We really liked this different and fun cornbread recipe. What made it good was the way the peppers tasted with the combination of corn bread. Some things we would change next time if to not have the pieces of corn in the bread. We think it is a little too much corn for us.
Following the recipe was easy and convenient because we had the recipe right in front of us. Also, the recipe was not a complicated recipe to follow. What we would change next time is the way the corn pieces are whole in the corn bread or cancel it out altogether. We could substitute the corn with corn flour or even some other corn product.
What we really enjoyed about the sweet pepper corn bread was the texture and the way the sweet peppers blended with the taste of the corn bread. To be honest when we heard about this recipe we were really skeptical about these to flavors being combined. Also, we really liked how we could taste the peppers first and then the corn flavors in that order.   

By Abbey Haas, Alyssa Lindberg, Gabby Lopez, Kristine Japhet, & Katie Olympius


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